– Jungfrau top tourist tips 2013

– Jungfrau top tourist tips 2013

We are choosing some activities and events you may not know about.

Check these out and see if you can work some of these into your vacation schedule during your visit to the Jungfrau region in Switzerland.


Unspunnenwiese, Interlaken, open April – October
The Seilpark Interlaken is a forest adventure of wooden bridges, Tarzan swings
and zip lines. 8 courses of varying difficulty and height provide an exciting day
out for beginners and adrenaline seekers.

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Outdoor Interlaken Tourist Activities


Geissgasse 27, 3800 Interlaken    
Open daily as of 14.00.
Bowlingcenter, Food & Drink and Large scren Tv with live sports. +41 (0)33 821 2119, www.bowling-interlaken.ch
tourist ideas for a raining day in Interlaken


Alp Horn Festival Männlichen

Tradition and folklore are a high priority in Grindelwald. Every year in June the Spring Alpine Festival takes place on Männlichen at the Männlichen restaurant.Dance in national costumes
Folk songs
Jodelling duet
Alphorn trio
Flag throwing
“Geisselchlepfer” (whip smacker) from central Switzerland
Grindelwald Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 110
Postfach 124
3818 Grindelwald
Tel. +41 (0)33 854 12 12
Fax +41 (0)33 854 12 10
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21st Jungfrau Marathon  September 13 – 14 2013

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