– Switzerland with an Electric bike – e bike or Flyer

– Switzerland with an Electric bike – e bike or Flyer

What exactly is an electric bike?
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The term ‘electric bike’ is bandied about a lot these days, and to the uninitiated it might be a somewhat nebulous term. When referred to as an ‘electric bicycle’, the imagery the name conjures becomes a bit more focused. Simply saying ‘electric bike,’ however, calls up images from basic mopeds to the electric motorbikes seen in Akira. That said, efforts need to be made to properly define the electric bike.

To begin understanding just what an electric bike is, you should start with your basic bicycle. Nothing complicated. Your classical bicycle, with a conservative number of speeds and none of the bells or whistles. Now, add three things: an electric bike motor, a battery, and a controller that activates and regulates the power and electric assistance. With those three items, you have the basics of an electric bike.

An electric bike is a standard bicycle that has electric components equipped on it. An electric bike will function normally like a regular bicycle. An electric bike will pedal like a regular bicycle, handle like a regular bicycle, and by and large an electric bike will use the same same parts as a regular bicycle. An electric bike is meant to be thought of and used as a bicycle, not as a motorcycle. An electric bike is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. An electric bike is not about traveling at high speeds. Imagine an electric bike as a regular bike that just happens to be easier. Yes, an electric bicycle is an easy bike.

For 50 Swiss francs a day, about $62 at $1.25 to the franc (with discounts for multiple days), you can rent an electric bike from one of 400 rental stations around the country and then set out on some 5,600 miles of well-marked bike paths.

this excerpt is taken from http://www.nycewheels.com/electric-bicycles.html and from TIM NEVILLE who has written a witty and informational story about his adventures using an e-bike for the new york times. Thank You Tim for your insight. Google this page: Over the Alps on a Bike With a Boost

A tour in Interlaken with Flying Wheels

Discover beautiful scenery and local life around Interlaken on this guided e-bike tour.

Don`t miss this opportunity to discover the most scenic spots and local life around Interlaken. This tour doesn’t cover the center of Interlaken, which you can quite easily explore by walking.

It shows you the hidden spots and beautiful swiss villages around Interlaken, thus giving you a insight in the region of Interlaken, and as well providing you with a host of information about swiss culture, traditions and social life. Many of our guests say that this tour has been the highlight of their trip to Switzerland.

Some of the highlights of this tour:

the ancient center of Unterseen
visit of a local farm with cows and horses
ride along the shores of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz
take photos of the old charming chalets in Wilderswil and Boenigen
get some yummy home-made cheese from a typical swiss farm

Our guide has got interesting stories, facts and figures to tell. Come and join us on this beautiful and easy-going half day tour.

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Höheweg 133
CH-3800 Interlaken
Tel. +41 (0)76 330 80 88


How to use the electric bike

Start: Press the “Power” button. Once the red light appears, the
FLYER ready to go. Failure to use the vehicle automatically switches
from. While the power may not be the foot on the pedal.
Off: Get on and the wheel. When switching for 2 seconds while
! occur Not too small drive gears, the support is up. 70 pedal –
revolutions per minute present.
Light: When battery is low (the pedal assistance) but there is plenty
Reserve for the light.
Finish: Press the lock lever and pull down. key
. remove The key can be removed only for completed wheel.
It is recommended therefore, always take out the FLYER.


map for ebikes http://www.bikemap.net

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